Anime Midwest 2024: Epic Guests and Performers Unveiled

Anime Midwest 2024, a family-friendly anime convention in Rosemont, Illinois, is back with a bang! This three-day extravaganza, easily accessible from Chicago via the Blue Line, promises an immersive experience in video gaming, Japanese anime, manga, and authentic Japanese culture. Brought to you by, the event is set to dazzle anime enthusiasts from across the Midwest. Get your tickets today for an incredible weekend of events, featuring an exciting lineup of guests and performers who are sure to make this a convention to remember.

Meet the Stellar Guests and Performers in Anime Midwest

Raj Ramayya

Indo-Canadian singer, composer, and lyricist Raj Ramayya will be one of the prominent guests at Anime Midwest 2024. Raj is renowned for his musical collaborations with famed Japanese composer Yoko Kanno as a member of The Seatbelts. His voice is behind the opening song “Ask DNA” and the lyrics for “Cosmic Dare (Pretty with a Pistol)” from the fan-favorite Cowboy Bebop: the Movie. Additionally, he sang and wrote the lyrics for “Strangers” from the anime series Wolf’s Rain. Beyond anime, Raj has contributed his musical talents to video games from Konami, Sega, and Capcom, showcasing his versatility and deep engagement with Japanese pop culture.

Cris George

Cris George, a prominent figure in the anime world, began his illustrious career at FUNimation in 2008. Starting as an ADR Engineer, he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a respected ADR Director. Cris has directed some of the most beloved anime titles, including Black Clover, Wonder Egg Priority, Pop Team Epic, Listeners, Death Parade, Ghost In The Shell: Arise, Steins;Gate 0, Snow White with the Red Hair, Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan!, and Spy x Family. His journey from behind the scenes to the director’s chair is a testament to his dedication and passion for anime.

Barry Yandell

Barry Yandell, a well-known and very busy regional stage actor and voiceover artist based in North Texas, will also be joining the lineup at Anime Midwest 2024. Nominated for Best Supporting Actor by BTVA for his iconic role as William T. Spears in Black Butler, Barry’s voice has become synonymous with some of the most popular anime series to date. His recent roles include Conehead in Fire Force, Zelada in Cop Craft, and Kodai in Yu-No. Fans will also recognize his contributions to Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Soul Eater, Goblin Slayer, Dragonball Z, Ghost in the Shell, Fairy Tail, and Attack on Titan.

Chris Patton

With over two decades in the industry, Chris Patton has voiced characters for various renowned companies including Funimation, Bang Zoom, Sentai Filmworks, and ADV Films. His more recent roles include Oikawa in Haikyuu!!, Linhardt in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Kliff in Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia, Turles in the Dragonball Z franchise, and Ayato in Diabolik Lovers. Fans of 2000s anime might remember him as Greed in Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Asura in Soul Eater, Fakir in Princess Tutu, and Hajime in the now-infamous Ghost Stories dub.

Greg Ayres

Greg Ayres, known for his dynamic and colorful voice acting, has over 376 credits to his name. He has played a variety of characters that are almost as vibrant as his hair. Recently, he returned to his role of Son Goku in Saiyuki Reload Zeroin, having worked on the Saiyuki franchise for over 20 years. He can currently be heard as Po in Eminence and Shadow, Kenta Kanzaki in The Dangers in My Heart, Yu Nishinoya in Haikyu!!, Chai in Shenmue The Animation on Adult Swim, and a super bad demon known only as “God” in Dark Gathering.

Oscar Seung

Oscar Seung, a Dallas-based actor, violinist, pianist, opera singer, and music director, is another exciting addition to the Anime Midwest 2024 lineup. Oscar champions the representation of Asian Americans in media and the arts. He has appeared in We Can Be Heroes (Netflix), directed by Robert Rodriguez, A Cowgirl’s Song (Netflix), and The Turkey Bowl (Hulu), directed by Greg Coolidge. Oscar’s anime and video game voiceover highlights include Varis in Attack on Titan, Daruma in One Piece, Kurama in Ayaka, Kadlecek in Sweet Reincarnations, Nettle in Borderlands 3, Seung-Gil Lee in Yuri on Ice, Nao Serizawa in Free!, and Riou in Natusume’s Book of Friends.


Anime Midwest 2024 promises to be a spectacular event, bringing together some of the most talented and beloved figures in the anime industry. With a diverse lineup of guests and performers, attendees are in for a weekend filled with unforgettable experiences. From insightful panels and Q&A sessions to live performances and autograph signings, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of anime—get your tickets today and join us for an incredible celebration of Japanese culture and entertainment! Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the anime scene, Anime Midwest 2024 is the place to be.

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