VidCon 2024 Featured Creators Just Announced

VidCon is the ultimate celebration of digital content creators and their communities. Among the throngs of passionate fans and creators, a few standout personalities are making waves, especially within the anime convention scene. This year, we shine the spotlight on some of the most dynamic and influential creators who have captured the hearts and screens of millions. Let’s dive into the worlds of Aaron Burriss, Adam Rose, Alan Chikin Chow, Anna McNulty, Amanda Lehan-Canto, Ava Jules, and Brandon Woelfel.

Meet the Creators: VidCon 2024

Aaron Burriss: The Optimistic Vlogger

Aaron Burriss, a Philippines-born American YouTuber, is renowned for his upbeat and humorous content. His vlogs, parodies, sketches, and challenges have garnered a massive following. Aaron’s recent journey into married life with Veronica Merrell, announced in December 2021, has added a heartfelt dimension to his channel. Between exploring LA with his dogs, hanging out with friends, and balancing workouts with a love for junk food, Aaron’s relatable content continues to resonate with fans worldwide.

Adam Rose: The Multifaceted Entertainer

Actor, writer, and director Adam Rose has taken the digital world by storm. With over 7 million followers on TikTok, his viral comedy videos and dances have made him a household name. Adam’s diverse portfolio includes notable roles in TV shows like NBC’s “New Amsterdam” and Netflix’s “Merry Happy Whatever.” His work extends to writing and directing, with his short film “QUEEN” winning several awards. Partnering with top brands and creating engaging content, Adam exemplifies the versatility and creativity thriving at VidCon.

Alan Chikin Chow: The Digital Dynamo

Alan Chikin Chow’s rise to fame is nothing short of spectacular. With over 60 million followers and 50 billion views, his #1 Most Viewed YouTube Channel in the US is a testament to his digital prowess. Known for his engaging YouTube Shorts, Alan’s content attracts 1 to 2 billion views per month, making him the top creator in this format. His ability to captivate audiences with short, impactful videos sets him apart as a leader in digital content creation.

Anna McNulty: The Flexible Phenomenon

From New Brunswick, Canada, Anna McNulty has become a social media sensation with her incredible contortionist skills. With over 18 million followers, Anna’s athleticism and flexibility have earned her the title of “Canada’s Top Creator” by YouTube. Her channels, “Anna McNulty” and “Anna McNulty Stretches,” offer everything from extreme challenges to in-depth tutorials on flexibility and contortion, inspiring millions to embrace physical fitness and perseverance.

Amanda Lehan-Canto: The Versatile Performer

Amanda Lehan-Canto brings a unique blend of acting and comedy to the digital sphere. An alumna of The Groundlings Theater’s Sunday Company, she is a regular on the YouTube channel SMOSH and a host of the “Smosh Mouth” podcast. Amanda’s talents extend to voiceover work and live performances in Los Angeles. Her solo show, “Keep it Together, Woman!,” highlights her comedic flair and ability to connect with audiences on multiple levels.


VidCon is more than just a convention; it’s a convergence of creativity, innovation, and community. The featured creators—Aaron Burriss, Adam Rose, Alan Chikin Chow, Anna McNulty, and Amanda Lehan-Canto—embody the diverse talent and passion that drive the digital content landscape. Their unique contributions not only entertain but also inspire millions, proving that the power of digital media lies in its ability to connect and uplift. As VidCon continues to evolve, these creators are at the forefront, shaping the future of content creation and leaving an indelible mark on the anime convention scene. Whether through heartfelt vlogs, comedic sketches, or awe-inspiring athleticism, these creators exemplify the spirit of VidCon, making it a must-attend event for fans and creators alike.

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